Nov 29

M-Audio Fast Track US44010 USB Audio Interface with GT-Player Express Software

M-Audio Fast Track US44010 USB Audio Interface with GT-Player Express Software

Product Description:
If you record music with Apple’s GarageBand or other software applications, Fast Track USB is your new best friend. The USB interface lets you easily record your guitar onto the computer with professional results but without buying several clunky adapters. Simply connect Fast Track USB to the USB port on your computer and you’re ready to rock. The device sports an input for such instruments as guitar, bass, and keyboards, plus a microphone input for recording vocals and other acoustic sounds. The included GT Player Express software, meanwhile, delivers killer effects and virtual stomp boxes, so you don’t need any other effects pedals or gear to sound great. GT Player Express also plays such standard audio files as AAC, MP3, and WAV, letting you learn and jam along with your favorite music at varying speeds.
Add in a 1/8-inch stereo headphone output for monitoring, compatibility with both Windows (XP SP1) and Mac (OS X 10.2.8 or greater), and level controls for the headphone and main outputs and you have a versatile, professional means of adding guitar, vocals, and more to your computer music experience. The Fast Track USB measures 5.5 by 1.75 by 4.25 inches (W x H x D) and is backed by a one-year warranty.

Bundled Software
Ableton Live Lite delivers much of the functionality of Ableton Live—the revolutionary, multi-award winning music production solution that allows you to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise and edit your musical ideas in a seamless audio/MIDI environment. Live brings your acoustic, electronic and virtual instruments—as well as your digital audio recordings and MIDI sequences—together in a single interface with unparalleled ease of use.
inTone | Express Bundle: Your M-Audio hardware is compatible with a suite of creative applications that enable you to start making music right away. Designed by leading audio effects provider Audiffex, the inTone series provides a broad array of tools—from guitar and bass stomp boxes to virtual mixers and much more. Each software program lets you arrange channel routing and effects in a variety of ways, so you can develop a sound that’s truly unique.

What’s in the Box
Fast Track USB audio interface, GT Player Express software, user’s manual.

Product Description:
The Fast Track USB and the Session software combine to make a fast and simple way to record and produce your own music. With the Fast Track USB, you can connect your guitar, microphone, and keyboard for recording into Session. And Session makes creating new tracks easy by routing and configuring everything automatically, allowing you to spend more time being creative. In Session you’ll find simulated Guitar and Bass amps as well as all kinds of effects for every instrument. With over 2GB of drag and drop loops and a ton of included software instruments you can create almost any type of music. Session and the Fast Track let you record your music, mix it, and unleash you inner rock star.

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